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Branding, UX and Web Design
Project Boardstate LLC, Table Top Gaming Supplies
Role Designer & Strategy Consultant
URL Launching 2018
Boardstate is a MTG and table-top gaming company, with a focus on creating an all-inclusive gaming community. They have a local presence, holding pop-up gaming and retail events, but were looking to expand to E-commerce and online content creation. 
Boardstate devices

Project Details

The process started with by collecting information about Boardstate's audience, creating user personas and conducting interviews and surveys.

During the discover phase, we learned that most table top gaming enthusiasts we extremely loyal to there local stores, creating relationships with the shop proprietors and other local gamers. We also discovered that most players we not satisfied with the experience of shopping at other online gaming relators. Other sites were hard to navigate or did not have all the content users were looking for in one centralized portal. There were multiple channels our target users were using for shopping, streaming, strategy and local events.

We felt our opportunity in the market was to create a single destination for our gaming community, including free content (such at articles, videos, deck lists and strategy guides) and online shopping in one place. Our target users would not longer need to browse several sites, but instead be able to find everything under one roof.

The project goals were sufficiently outlined, pain-points analyzed and information architecture outlined. Next, wireframes at three breakpoints were created along with prototypes created in InVision. The prototype was then tested with a small sample size of about 5 people.

From there a style guide were created to solidify brand standards and mockups were completed to be handed over for development. After development began we ran several additional rounds of user testing with the product, adjusting and responding to feedback.
initial sketches


User Personas

boardstate persona


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